PTS Update

As you may know at a recent PTS branch meeting members expressed concerns as to the impact that market testing would have on their jobs.

The branch believed that the current management arrangements within PTS were not dynamic enough to meet the challenges ahead and the branch passed a vote of no confidence in PTS management.

Once notified of this the Trust has now set up a PTS Strategic Review Group, made up of senior executive directors, the three staff side leads and chaired by the Deputy Chief Executive.

This group meets fortnightly with a remit to review available data and make decisions for implementation; it will also make recommendations to the board with reference to bidding for contracts.

To enable decisions to be enacted quickly a PTS modernisation group has also been set up which again will meet fortnightly and include senior management and staff side reps.

At present the contract is set up so that we are paid an agreed amount for agreed activity, any under activity results in us paying back money. We have been under activity for most of the year and it is looking like we will need to pay back more than two million pound in next year’s contract. This is on top of the cost improvement programme imposed on all NHS trusts by the coalition. So as you can see we are looking at a total of around £3,000,000 in efficiencies, which may seem massive, but given that the budget of £42 million it is 1.26% of the total budget.

It will not be easy we will have to be more flexible as a workforce and make some tough decisions. However, the membership was very clear in its view that change needs to happen to protect our jobs from the privateers, we as branch will do all that we can to see that that happens and very much welcome your support and suggestions in this task .